To connect Whatsapp, you need to:

  1. Register at
  2. After registration, get an api key and an address for requests
  3. Go to panel Kwizbot
  4. Select General settings in the menu
  5. Go to Bots list
  6. Select the bot you want to connect and go into edit mode

Bot settings

Bot settings

  1. In the list of available platforms for connection, select Whatsapp

Whatsapp settings

Whatsapp settings

  1. In the Whatsapp token field, paste the api key obtained in the 360dialog service, in the Whatsapp service field, write 360dialog, in the Whatsapp api url field - the address obtained in the 360dialog service. Then click the Bind button

    Whatsapp service: 360dialog

    Whatsapp api URL:

  2. After binding, a green icon will appear next to the messenger name, confirming the successful binding

  1. Your Whatsapp account has been successfully connected to Kwizbot. In the future, all messages sent to this number will follow the scenario of the bot to which the binding was made.

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