BotFather – this is a Telegram service bot that allows you to register a new bot.

To start working with BotFather go to

In order to register a new bot, just send the / newbot command to the chat and follow the instructions:

  1. Come up with a bot name that will be displayed in chats and contacts. It can be changed in the future. It all depends only on your imagination and requirements;

  2. Come up with a username - the bot name must be unique and end with "bot". Allowed letters of the Latin alphabet, numbers and the underscore character (for example, Mycompanybot or Mycompany_bot). If such a name is already taken, BotFather will offer to enter a new name

  3. If everything is OK, then we will receive a message with a token. Click on it with the mouse to copy to the clipboard

  4. You need to add this token to Bot settings in Kwizbot

  5. You can return to BotFather to set an avatar, add a description, etc.

If you need to customize commands, this is also done through BotFather, read more below:

Setting up bot commands in Telegram

Privacy settings in Telegram groups